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The alarming reality of workplace bullying and how we can stop it!

Today, I feel an urgent need to address the issue of bullying, and I am extremely grateful that Medium allows me to tackle this topic and raise awareness among people out there. Thank you Medium. 💐

Workplace bullying is a serious problem that is unfortunately still too often ignored or underestimated. The consequences for the victims can be devastating. Therefore, it is time for all of us to come together and take a stand against bullying. Let us create a culture of respect and appreciation where bullying has no place. Thank you for opening up to this important issue and helping to bring about positive change.

In this article, I aim to raise awareness about the issue, highlight the responsibilities of all involved, and provide concrete recommendations for effective action against bullying.

The shocking reality: Bullying in the 21st century

Although we live in the 21st century, we must soberly acknowledge that many people and companies, including leaders, are not sufficiently aware of the issue of bullying. Victims of bullying continue to be harassed, excluded, and psychologically pressured without receiving adequate help.

Causes and patterns: How bullying arises and affects

Workplace bullying can have various causes, often involving power imbalances, jealousy, or personal conflicts. Perpetrators use various methods to torment their victims, such as humiliation, exclusion, harassment, or targeted discrimination. The consequences for the victims are often devastating: mental illness, anxiety, depression, and even suicide can result.

Freie Vorlage von Canva

An example from my life:

In this example, I want to describe a shocking case of bullying by a team leader and a department head that occurred in a company in Germany. The case vividly shows how insidious and destructive bullying by leaders can be and how important it is for companies to establish and consistently implement clear guidelines against bullying.

The case

During my time at this company, a female employee was systematically bullied by her team leader. The team leader, driven by her career ambitions, saw the new employee, who always delivered excellent work, as competition. She began to harass the employee by:

  • Ignoring her and not responding to her questions.
  • Excluding her from group activities.
  • Spreading rumors about her behind her back.
  • Even falsifying the bullying victim’s work results on her good days.

The department head, although informed about the incidents, took no action against the team leader. On the contrary, he supported her, as they had intertwined their career goals. The employee, isolated and without any support, finally felt compelled to leave the company after five months of torment.

Shocking Dimensions of Bullying

The present situation alarmingly highlights the extent of bullying within this company. This is not an isolated incident but a repeated pattern: three other female employees have already been driven away by the team leader’s bullying behavior. The higher management’s inaction, despite knowing about the incidents and the victim’s unsuccessful complaints, indicates a grave negligence in handling bullying.

Impact on the Victim and the Company:

The bullying had devastating effects on the affected employee. She suffered from psychological stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, the case caused lasting damage to the company. The work environment was poisoned, employees felt insecure and demotivated. The turnover of qualified employees led to performance losses and damage to the company’s reputation.

Urgent Recommendations for Action:

The described case clearly shows how important it is for companies to establish and consistently implement clear guidelines against bullying.

These include:

Establishment of an Internal Complaint Procedure:

  • Establish clear and easily accessible complaint procedures that allow victims to report bullying incidents safely and confidentially.
  • Ensure anonymous reporting options.
  • Take all complaints seriously and address them promptly.

Training and Awareness:

  • Regular training for all employees, leaders, and executives on bullying and its impact.
  • Promote a corporate culture of respect, appreciation, and open interaction.


  • Clearly communicate that bullying is defined as unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated, and that it can have serious consequences, including disciplinary measures.
  • Consistently implement the stipulated sanctions.

Support for Victims:

  • Comprehensive support and assistance for bullying victims, such as psychological counseling, coaching, or pastoral care.
  • Protect victims from further attacks and reprisals.

My Personal Consequences:

As a witness to this bullying, I could not reconcile my conscience and work ethic with the situation. Therefore, I decided to leave the company at that time. This decision was not easy, but I could no longer work in an environment where bullying was tolerated and even supported.

Additional Points:

  • The case highlights the importance of courageous action against bullying.
  • It is crucial that other employees also stand up against bullying and support affected individuals.
  • The case shows that bullying has negative consequences not only for the victims but also for the entire company.

In summary, the described case is a regrettable example of workplace bullying. It underscores the urgent need to take this issue seriously and fight it consistently. Companies have the responsibility to create a work environment characterized by respect and appreciation, where all employees are equally protected.

My Urgent Appeal to Management & Leaders:

Courageous action from management and staff against bullying is necessary! Please take action against bullying! It is essential that you actively recognize, prevent, and appropriately respond to bullying.

My Appeal to Bullying Victims:

Do not let yourself be silenced! Take action and seek support. You have the right to work in a respectful environment, free from harassment and discrimination. If you experience bullying, I encourage you to make it public if possible. No one has the right to treat you this way, and no one should be able to take your professional future and well-being away from you. Stand up for yourself and do not be discouraged.

Bullying is unacceptable and must be fought collectively to ensure that all employees receive the same respect and appreciation.

I sincerely hope that this report raises awareness of the urgent problem of workplace bullying and prompts companies to rethink and take immediate action!

Note: My report naturally applies to both women and men. I emphasized the female aspect because the example I drew upon originated from my personal experience, where only women were involved in this particular case. ;)

Feel free to leave your comments. It is crucial that the world knows there are people out there who no longer want to stay silent!

Until next time, your Blackrose!

A Request to All:

I am relatively new to Medium, thus I lack the reach needed to disseminate my message widely. Therefore, your support is of paramount importance to me, as it enables my message to reach everyone. I kindly ask you to help spread it, so that together, we can take the first step towards a life free from bullying.

Bullying is a pervasive issue that affects many of us, whether in school, at the workplace, or even in the digital realm. It is imperative that we unite and take concrete actions to stop this harmful behavior.

Thank you in advance for your support. 💐🤗💋

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